Advanced Computing Logic

 Intelligent Solutions


Aerospace - We develop avionics solutions used by both the Department of Defense and commercial agencies using ARINC, DO178b and MIL standards (levels 1-5 compliance). Advanced Computing Logic staff have been involved in the development of control feedback loops, data acquisitions systems and avionics service stations for the Boeing 777 and Airbase 400.
Department of Defense - Advanced Computing Logic employees have developed numerous applications for the Department of Defense, including weapons system, 6-DOF simulations and test suits. We are accustomed to DOD development life-cycle processes including MIL-spec 498, 499 and 810
Commercial - We also develop solutions for commercial use.  We can develop your .NET targeted product and build solutions for your mobile device. Our staff have developed database applications, point of sales systems, inventory tracking systems. We can custom develop a solution for you or integrate existing solutions to create enterprise-level products providing cross-department interaction.