Advanced Computing Logic

 Intelligent Solutions



When timing is critical, resources are minimal and customization is required, Advanced Computing Logic can meet your requirements. Our experienced staff performs code development for FPGA's, CPU's and micro-controllers that fit your needs. We develop in VHDL using top of the line FPGA's from Xilinx and Atmel. If your project calls for a microprocessor, we support MIPS, Intel,  SHARC and Blackfin. For micro-controller solutions, we can support your needs with or without an operating system.

Mobile Devices

We can develop applications that allow you to utilize the touch screen power and mobility options offered by mobile devices. If you need a mobile solution that interacts with business enterprise software, your company's server, a serial device or simply a unique application operating in stand-alone mode, Advanced Computing Logic has the expertise to deliver. By using the latest development tools we can create powerful products with intuitive interfaces. Whether you need an engineering tool, data acquisition system or point of sales interface, Advanced Computing Logic can satisfy your mobile needs.


Advanced Computing Logic performs development for all current versions of Windows and the .NET framework. We develop GUI front-ends for user apps as well as perform 3D graphical development for high speed rendering. We provide development for Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, XP and CE.


Advanced Computing Logic can build a Linux kernel customized for your embedded hardware. We have developed both low-level and high-level apps for a variety of needs ranging from simple test devices to complex communications systems for space-based vehicles. We can provide server or embedded targeted Linux solutions with high security and time-sensitive goals.


Advanced Computing Logic has staff experienced in developing VxWorks applications for the Aerospace and Department of Defense.