Advanced Computing Logic

 Intelligent Solutions


Below is a showcase of just some of the products that Advanced Computing Logic either developed or assisted in the development.


Advanced Computing Logic is currently developing a PC based logic analyzer for A2D and D2A circuits. The target platform is .NET running on Windows 7. The solution has been integrated with high speed graphics libraries and drag-N-drop form components.

We also developed a PC based testin system for a leading defense company. The test system consist of a GUI front end for interacting with the device, RS422 and RS 485 serial communication.

Our staff has developed a large portion of the Improved Payload Ethernet Hub Gateway (iPEHG) - essentially a smart switch used for transmitting telemetry and scientific data from the International Space Station to NASA ground stations.
Working with Milwaukee based Astronautics, Advanced Computing Logic delivered key software components for the Airbus A400 avionics upgrade and maintenance station.

FPGA based Ethernet Bit Error Rate detector.