Advanced Computing Logic

 Intelligent Solutions


Graphical Rendering

Advanced Computing Logic has expertise in high-speed 2D and 3D graphical rendering. We have experience in developing DirectX and OpenGL based applications that provide fast and stunning graphics. We have developed graphic solutions for Linux, Windows and .NET systems. We have developed customized user interfaces, instrumentation dashboards, plotting packages and 3D modeling solutions. We can also render virtual worlds using digital terrain data from government agencies.


Our staff has the experience and expertise to develop avionics programs suitable for ARINC and DO178B/C level one compliance. We have developed flight control systems and flight monitoring stations. Advanced Computing Logic staff have also assisted in satisfying software requirements for the Airbus A400 and Boeing 777.

Real-time Applications

Advanced Computing Logic has developed software products ranging from automatic control to data acquisition systems. We have experience in various types of scheduling, priority assignments, thread engineering, inter-process communications and development of fast ISR handlers. We have developed real-time applications for a host of operating systems, micro-controllers and CPUs. We can also customize solutions for your non-operating system based platform

Fault-tolerant Applications

Applications involving human factors and high-dollar assets or even those that must continuously operate for extended periods of time require fault mitigating strategies. Advanced Computing Logic has developed applications that can withstand the harsh environments of space. We have developed memory scrubbing routines, implemented communications monitoring algorithms and single event upset recovery functions and functional redundancy. Advanced Computing Logic knows how to protect hardware, data, functionality and initiate auto recovery without every missing a processing step.


Advanced Computing Logic has developed applications that communicate using VMEbus, HiPPi, 1553, RRS458, RS422, RS232,CAN, PROFIBUS and TCP/IP. We also have expertise in full TCP/IP stack development from Layer 2 through 5 and the skill to implement 2048 bit encryption technology using department of defense approved encryption/decryption algorithms.

Desktop Apps

When a desktop application will satisfy your needs, Advanced Computing Logic can customize a solution that is intuitive and dependable. We can support Windows, Linux and .NET platforms. Let's us develop your engineering tool sets, database applications and point of sales products.